Get Your Twirl On! Papger Quilling - Wheatears, Alternate Side Looping, and Husking

For any who missed the last newsletter, I'm now teaching classes via an on-line video learning platform called Skillshare.

My first class is Get Your Twirl On! Intro to Paper Quilling. It teaches you about the tools, papers, and how to make the 12 basic shapes of paper filigree/quilling. There's also loads of free downloads that come with the class!

AND NOW!!! Class #2 is posted!! Drum roll please....Get Your Twirl On! Paper Quilling - Wheatears, Alternate Side Looping, and Husking.

My in-person class fee is $25 per class per person. But you can watch a video in the comfort of your own home and save $24.01.  Yep! The links above will give you access to my class on Skillshare for 3 months at the crazy price of only 99 cents!!

BUT WAIT!! (Haha!!! I just had to say that!) Just 99 cents can get you access to both of my classes and that makes it a $49.01 savings value! AND opens the door to loads of other craft videos, and tons of other learning videos!

PLEASE....As you wonder around Skillshare before deciding, please be sure the 3 month offer listed at the top of your screen has my name on it. If not, please return to my class list (or to this e-mail if need be) before signing up. That is the only way I get paid by Skillshare for the classes.

So come along twirl buddies. Christmas is coming! Let's go get your twirl on!

Paper Filigree Artist

My gift to you...on-line class!

Hi everyone,

This just floors me...but I finally did my very first video class! ALL by myself! Planning, video taping, editing, uploading!! Just me!

Check out my Intro....

September 19, 2016. free class has expired! But you can still get both classes for only 99 cents! Just go here... Give me 3 months crazy cheap!!

Now here's my gift to you. is an on-line learning center. A premium membership is $10 per month or $96 per year.  My class is a premium class that you have to be a member of Skillshare to view; however!!! I have made a limited few classes FREE! 

Follow this link to watch my class for free....Watch GYTO - Intro to Paper Quilling

The above link needs no credit card or payment of any kind. AND when you enroll you will be helping me out very VERY much! Hurry, there are only 15 spots available!!

WAIT...NOW....if you go crazy over Skillshare like I did, I can give you 3 months access for only 99 cents! That is a $30 value for only 99 cents!! Follow this link for...Give me 3 months super cheap!!

Please help me grow my on-line presence! And any of you who take advantage of this I will give you free access to another class of your choice. Now how awesome is that?!?

Well, I best get at it. Silver Dollar City and several other events are one my Fall calendar. Lots of products to make!!

Keep those papers rollin'!!

Paper Twilin' Zealot