Dallas, Tesas, bound!

It's that time again! The annual North American Quilling Guild Conference is set and registration is open!

What's at the conference?

Classes!  Tons of classes. Learn or perfect tons of techniques. Last year I even taught a class on framing!

Vendors! With tons of quilling supplies! Like me...I'll have Lake City Craft papers! Pre-send me your order and I'll bring it along for pickup!

Like minded people! Yep, an entire hotel filled with ....wait for it....QUILLERS!!! I now have quilling friends from all over the world. Canada. Puerto Rico. England. Even Japan!
Janet and her husband, Paul. from England.
Janet is a published quiller and started JJ Qulling in England!

Me. My friend, Shelly, from South Bend, Indiana. And my friend
Lorrie, from Arvada, CO. I've quilled in BOTH of their homes!!

Freedom! For your family that is. lol. This year let your family give you a quilling conference for Mother's Day! Turns out the best hotel rates for Spring in Dallas is Mother's Day weekend!  But don't worry. The event is over on Saturday evening so you can jump on a plane and head home first thing Sunday morning!

At you will find all the information you need!

Scroll to the bottom of the NAQG page and find all the information you need in PDF.

So come on along! Let's get our twirl on!!

Lisa, your paper twirlin' zealot!

2018 and beyond....

2018!!!  How did that happen?! An artist coach I follow shared and idea that I'm running with: "Don't think of this as 2018 but as your year! Take this year beyond and make it 20-GREAT-teen!" That is my goal. So I bought a new planner and did 90-day planning.

What does that have to do with you? Deciding whether you would enjoy another paper filigree/quilling on-line class....

Would you?

What could I teach that would help you in your quilling journey?

Not sure what that looks like...How about an up close of a couple techniques to add to your arsenal of skills? Or another video like the 4 Colors - 4 Shapes - 5+ Designs video I created?

What say you, twirl buddies? These classes are about my passion "Spreading the joy of paper filigree one twirl at a time." How can I spread some joy your way to help you make this your 20-GREAT-teen???

Here's to no time for boredom!

Your twirl buddy, Lisa