Lost in a moment...or two

Hey twirl buddies!

Have you ever had a season in life when one opportunity after another lead you away from your passion? That's what the past few months have been for me.

“Few months? Really, Lisa?” says the inner voice.

Well, okay, maybe longer than that! But time flies when you're having fun! I've gone from wholesaling my art to working a feasibility plan that would make Never Bored Creations a quiling paper and supplies company.

What?! That opportunity came when I found out the first of October that our quilling supply company, Lake City Crafts, is closing down. (Read the full announcement here: http://www.quilling.com/blog).  

Buying up equipment and supplies and starting a small line of my own was very tempting. But the more I've pondered it through prayer the clearer things became. Then a dear friend and business mentor told me, “Lisa, you would be so busy filling orders that you would miss your peeps. Your art has always been a big part of your ministry, would there be room for that still?” She was right.

Thank you, Father God, for connecting me with such an amazing friend.

So where do I go from here? Back to my business plan....back to my peeps! I have only one big art event left for 2018, and then I have six weeks filled with holiday fun and creating!

For my twirl buddies: We'll have to see what new patterns I can create. What new video classes I can prepare.

AND for my art customers: Revitalize my Etsy shop! I haven't made time to sell my art on Etsy for way too long. And you've let me know you miss me! 

So there you have it. But before I go I want to take a moment to thank you. No matter how many times I've floundered around, you have hung in there with me.

Thank you for being my peeps!