Etsy, new body of work, and more...

Although I've been quiet here on the blog, I've not been quiet in the studio! Nope! Busy as a spring bee, yes-eree!

For starters, I moved my product from Rust on North Main Street down the road to Sassafras Creek Originals. The biggest reason was to free up time. To be part of the artist co-op of Rust, I worked the shop one day a week. Thanks to you, I need that day back!

Sassafras Creek is a 1700-1800's gift shop here in Ste Genevieve which is perfect for Never Bored Creations paper filigree and the historic work I love to create! And I now get all five days in my studio. Win! Win!

Owner, Kandye, encouraged me to use Fraktur art paintings and lettering to inspire new designs. This little 5 inch x 7 inch cutie can be found for sale hanging on her shop walls.  There are several elements and techniques in the piece that can be found in antique filigree from that time period.
Kandye encouraged me to paint and age-antique frames for my Fraktur work. This frame started out as a used, light colored, wood frame I picked up at a yard sale. A little black paint, sand paper, and shoe polish (yes, shoe polish!) and voila! Beauty shines!

On to Etsy! Finally fulfilling my promise, I have listed several necklace pieces in my Etsy shop. I'm still deciding how to list specialty items. Many of my creations, like the one below, can be done in any color I have.
This color and the peacock color listed on Etsy are papers I have cut with a paper shredder. I have a cutting machine; however, I love the fibrous look of the shredder! It gives it a natural nature look verses the smooth edge of machine cut papers.

Please check out all my pretties at Never Bored Creations on Etsy!

Well, quill fans, that's it for today! I pray your days have sparks of joy and you have no time for boredom!

Twirlin' on...