Hamsa - The Hand of G-d

It's up and running! My new on-line shop has over 60 items listed for your shopping and gifting enjoyment! Visit it here: Never Bored Creations on-line!

Along side pre-made items to purchase, I will be moving my patterns from Etsy to my shop on Goimagine.com.

So what's my newest twiling enjoyment? Hamsa - Hand of G-d.  As many of you know I vended at a wholesale market in Philadelphia this past January.  While there I met several shop owners from the Jewish community. One asked if I had anything with the Hamsa on it?

Well, I was a little embarrassed to admit I did not know what that was. Between her explanation and a quick Google search - tah dah! I'm in awe. Here in one of my renditions.

Hamsa - Hand of G-d is meant to counteract the Evil Eye, which brings heartache and mayhem, by placing the eye within the Hand of G-d. Thus projecting us.

The hand symbol is used in other religions including Islamic, and has been found in historic Christianity. (Who'd thunk that!) My research tells me it is difficult to determine when the Hamsa began being used in Sephardic Jewish culture, which flourished along side Islam. It can be seen both with the fingers pointing up and with the fingers pointing down.

On the website My Jewish Learning, they talk of other symbols being placed in the hand, such as a fish, "the Star of David, prayers for the traveler, the Shema, the blessing over the house, and the colors of red and blue, both of which are said to thwart the Evil Eye."

Please know I claim no expertise in this matter. However, I am of the belief that my Christian faith is only as strong as its roots. That belief requires me to search God's word through both New and Old Testament. It also requires me to acknowledge the foundation of Christianity - the Hebrew faith. Which is why I bring to you Hamsa - Hand of G-d. 

May this journey bless you as deeply as it has blessed me.

A seeker of G-d's wisdom and knowledge,


Mother's Day Gifts and New Pattern

Thank you for making my business what it is.  I know that without you there would be no Never Bored Creations.

This is why I'm so excited my new on-line shop is full of wonderful things to help cover your up-coming Mother's Day gifts!!  You'll find a display of necklaces, earrings, and unframed art.  Hurry over and grab your gifts today! 

Now for my twirl buddies!!! I, finally, got a cross pattern made!  My Cross of Timothy is dedicated to my younger brother, Tim, who passed in 2015. He was only 51 years young. I do miss his goofy laugh and grin every day. 

The pattern link is not on my website yet but it is loaded in my Etsy pattern shop! Check it out. Just in time to create that perfect gift for Mother's Day!!

As this time is crazy, my prayer is that you are safe and healthy. That you are finding joy in the storm and peace in His presence.

Thank you again for allowing Never Bored Creations to be a small part of your day.

And for saving me from boredom!!


A New Adventure in a Hard Time

This is such a hard time. Covid19 is not pretty.  Our country dealing with sickness and loss. My heart goes out to everyone. Before this is over I'm sure all of us will know people (if not ourselves!) that have been physically affected by this virus. 

As a small business I must truck on....and so I'm sharing with you a new sales platform Never Bored Creations will be using - goimagine. AND out of almost 1,000 applications, I was picked as one of the first 150 makers invited to create a shop for this brand new launch! 

Why goimagine? I am very excited about this platform because of its mission: 

We believe by creating a handmade marketplace that donates 100% of Profits to Charity there's an opportunity to transform the online economy and shift some of the focus from investor returns to providing social good. 
Goimagine is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that focus on the needs of children experiencing homelessness and hunger. When buyers and sellers come together on goimagine everybody wins.
I would be so honored if you would join me on goimagine. Register as a shopper and check things out. I believe in its mission and to think my sales can make a difference for homeless and hungry U.S. children speaks to my heart! 
You, too, can be a part of making a difference. So please, come find me in my new shop location! 
My prayer is that you stay safe. Stay healthy!

Hard year? Choose JOY!

2020 Wholesale Necklace
Set #2
Did you have a hard 2019? Were you on Facebook where all you saw were posts about 2019 getting over with because it was so hard?

I did. I had so many friends go on and on about how hard of a year it was. And it was a hard year for them. So many things that saddened my heart.

The crazy part? It was not until sometime in January 2020 when I realized - Wow! My 2019 year was hard!!

I chose not to apply for one of my biggest shows and then my 15 year-old granddaughter moved in during Spring and kept me busy for four months. Her move-in timing and not knowing how long she would be with us meant I missed out on applying for shows that would replace the loss of my biggest fall show.  Ouch! Un-cha-ching!

Then in June, my youngest brother-in-law became gravely ill, The first of July my husband basically moved four hours away to be with his brother and his mom. Sadly, 23 days after his heart surgery Darren passed away. He lived with my 88 year-old mom-in-law and so my husband and I had to spend several weeks helping her figure things out. Turned down several shows - un-cha-ching.

A few months later we had to help her move into a senior living facility. Cleaning out the 47 year-old house filled with 100 years of family heirlooms fell mostly on our shoulders. Only attended one show opportunity over Christmas season - un-cha-ching.

It was not only a hard year for the family it was a very hard cha-ching year for Never Bored Creations.

So with all of this happening, why did I not notice how hard the year was?  Because in my every day life I make it a practice to CHOOSE JOY. 

I was so blessed to be able to give my granddaughter the attention she needed those four months. I was able to take care of my customers but did not seek out new ones. I did not oh-hum over lost dollars but was JOYful at my flexibility.

I was so blessed to support my husband by doing yard work he does and anything else around the house as he lived hours from home caring for the family. I was JOYful over being the partner I always want to be.

I was so blessed to help my mom-in-law find just the perfect place and help her set up housekeeping in her new apartment. Even through all the muscle aches I was JOYful.

So is my prayer for you, my friend. Blessings are not "coming" your way. They are here! You choose to see them or the noise of the world scattered over them. Choose JOY in all moments and things won't seem so hard.

Choosing JOY in the morning. Choosing JOY at night. Choosing JOY in the afternoon.


The KO (knock out) Punch!

Tuesday, March 10, I posted about Kentucky Crafted Market. Well, guess what went up against Covid19 and lost! Yep. Kentucky Crafted Market has been "postponed" for now.

As for Never Bored Creations being at the postponed date - we will have to wait and see. My next few months are pretty crazy. So it depends on the reschedule date.

Although not seeing all your smiling faces saddens my heart, I'm glad they are taking this serious and doing what they can to minimize the spread of this silly virus. To quote an old phrase - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

As for my wholesale customers - email me! lisa@neverboredcreations.com

I have a pdf version of my 2020 Wholesale catalog and price sheet. I also have a private wholesale group on Facebook. I post new products, specials, and other info in the group for your eyes only. Let me know you want to be a part of the group and I'll send you the invite.

Awe....my Kentucky and Ohio collectors! This was my third year to be invited by the Kentucky Crafted Market. As many of you know the Kentucky Crafted Market is put on by the Kentucky Art Council and only open to Kentucky artist; however, Kentucky does invite a very limited few other state art groups such as Missouri Artisans Association/Best of Missouri Hands. To be qualified an artist must be active in the state group and a juried member. (Yep, that's me!)

Many of you re-visited me last year and I was looking forward to your smiling faces this year! I even had some new framed and unframed art designs. But have no fear! I was taking steps to up my on-line game at Etsy when a new opportunity came through - goimagine. They are in the beta test stage at this time and I'm building my shop. But we hope to be full blown ready for you around the end of April. Just in time for Mom's Day!!

Well, I best let you go for the day. I want to thank each and everyone of you for allowing Never Bored Creations to be a part of your lives!

Thanks for saving me from boredom,

I do believe there's a paper and glue pandemic in my studio!

Kentucky Crafted Market 2020 - Wholesale and Retail Event

2020 Wholesale Necklace
Set #2
Greetings all my sweet friends! Anyone within easy travel distance of Lexington, Kentucky?

Never Bored Creations will be in the house! (Well, actually it is an arena. But I don't think there's a joke line about that. lol) This is my third year attending and I can't wait to see you.

Here's the schedule:

Friday, March 13 - Open 10 am to 5 pm for retailers only.

Have a shop, boutique, gallery looking to purchase wholesale products? This day is for YOU.

Never Bored Creations has a wonderful new line up of necklaces, earrings, unframed art in card format, and ornaments for 2020! Come check them out.  Be sure to mention this blog and I will have a show special offer for my wholesale customers!

You do have to register as a retail business in order to get through the door on Friday.

Saturday, March 14 - Open 10 am to 5 pm for all - retailers and public.
Sunday, March 15 - Open 10 am to 4 pm for all - retailers and public.

Come one! Come all!! Easter and Mother's Day is just around the corner. Hurry in for the best one-of-a-kind items!

Hey, Lisa, show specials just for retail customers? Don't think I would forget my faithful followers! Mention my blog and the first 10 retail customer purchases will get a surprise goodie in your bag!

Yeee!! Haaa!!! Kentucky here we come!


Happy Almost Fall Pumpkin Tutorial

Hey Twirl Buddies!

In last week's blog I must have jinxed the weather. Here it is just hours before the first official day of fall and our beautiful weather of last week has gone full out summer this week! Oh...my...goodness!

But wait! It will be here soon!

To help get you started on fall goodness, I wanted to share a nice pumpkin you could make. I don't do much in the pumpkin world; however, look what crossed my email. And what great timing!

Meredith of Paper Craftery created this beauty last fall. On her blog you will find a wonderful tutorial on how to quill her pumpkin.  But even better - a lesson on color and light and how to use that light to give your work depth. Love it!

I think this is the prettiest pumpkin I've seen. Almost makes me want to create one - wait for it - nope. That feeling just lasted a moment. It has now fled as fast as the cool fall weather of last week   Hehehee...

You, on the other hand, I pray will jump at the chance and twirl your fall away! Let the fall wind blow you on over to Meredith's page, Paper Craftery, and see what all she has to offer.

Until next week, twirl buddies  - may the curls be ever in your pumpkin flavor!