The Joy of Freedom...

With summer in full swing, temperatures are rising and vacations are happening. And as a nation we celebrate the 4th of July. A date chosen for us to recognize the freedom Americans fought for from the colonial days to now.  In all our flaws we still have freedoms many countries don't enjoy.

The 4th of July is an extra special time in our household. It is my husband's birthday. To hear Doug tell it, he was at least 6 years old before he figured out the entire town was not just celebrating his birthday. And this year...he hits the big 6 0!

This summer there are lots of changes here in the world of Never Bored Creations. Having spent many years in his field and half with the current company, Doug will be celebrating a new freedom.. he gets to retire!

Now don't get confused, I'm not retiring...yet. (LOL) So why changes for Never Bored Creations? Because all I have worked for these past five years will pay off. I wanted to start my own business for my freedom.

As I became passionate about sharing this wonderful world of paper filigree with everyone, I knew it would be a portable business. A lap tray for twirling paper on and a laptop for computer work and viola! I have freedom to take my business anywhere my retired husband wants to be.

Whether it's in my studio in Ste. Genevieve, working from our soon-to-be shouse on our acreage back in Springfield, Missouri, or in the cab of the truck on our way to our next travel adventure, Never Bored Creations is my freedom.

As we celebrate this 4th of July, I encourage you to think of freedoms you have every day. They may not be big like running your own portable business, but I'm sure you have many. Then rejoice in those freedoms. Be thankful for the freedoms we all have because we live in our flawed, goofy, amazing United States of America.

Until next time, twirl buddies, let your freedom ring!

Your do-wheels-remind-you-of-closed-circles? twirl buddy!

Early American Life

I am honored to announce that I have been chosen for the Early American Life Traditional Crafts Directory this year! Early American Life is focused on pre-Civil War trades. From furniture makers to paper filigree artists! Visit them on-line at The 2018 list should be up soon.

I went through an antique quilling book filled with pictures of pieces from the 17th and 18th centuries and designed my entry.

The judges are made up of museum curators and from other historic areas. The nine judge comments I received prepared me for next year's application and some of them even boosted my confidence! I know I've worked hard for this honor; however, it is still quite humbling to know that I've made it unto the list of the best traditional craftsman in the county.

I've added my list of accomplishments since I've started quilling over on The Story page.

Well, thanks for letting me share. I've more exciting news in the works....but that, my sweet friends, will be saved for later.

Keep those papers rollin'!!!

Lisa, your "do I have too much on my plate, yet?" twirlin' zealot

Do you wanna build a snowflake?

A quick catch up. Louisville, Kentucky, was a real experience! Now to get ready for Powell Gardens in Kansas City, Missouri, April 28-29!

On the lighter side of things, a dear friend, Molly Smith, shared this on her blog and I had to copy! I have heard this from people who have bought my Get Your Twirl on bundles. They most often include purchasing a snowflake instruction kit I get from Lake City Crafts.  Let's take a listen to Patsy Clairmont's experience....

Folks watch me demonstrate and say, "That looks easy." They always ask, "How long does it take for you to make __________?"  I don't want to discourage them from trying the art on their own; however, I've been quilling for over 7 years and this is my fourth year of quilling full-time as my business. It better not take me 20 hours to do one snowflake. It better not take me more that 40 minutes or the profit disappears!

So my response, "I have somethings that take 10 minutes and others that take 30 7 years experience." This last comment gets them to chuckle and we can step away from the "easy" or "how long" comments!

So to those who have had Patsy's snowflake experience....I'm sorry! To those who made it through the first 20 hours of a snowflake and marched forward....Thank you.

Here's to our great-grandchildren admiring our enshrined snowflake!

Lisa, your paper twirlin' zealot

What a caRAZzzzy two months!

I feel like the Energizer Bunny....she keeps rollin' and rollin' and rollin'......

My schedule is set nicely for the fall. Being a juried member of the Missouri Artisans Association/Best of Missouri Hands most of you know I'm blessed and honored to represent the Missouri Artisans at Silver Dollar City's Fall Craftsman and Cowboy Festival held in September and October.

I'm also part of an artist co-op here in Ste. Genevieve, Rust down on Main Street. You'll find me running the shop on Fridays and during special events where I have a very nice size display. Being the extrovert I Fridays at the shop is much needed time out of the studio.

I attend other small events, such as Ste Genevieve's French Festival in June and Rural Heritage Days in October.

I do demonstrations, teach in-person classes, create patterns and video on-line classes (links to which you can find here on my website).

So why has the last two months been crazy? Add to all the above, I told the Good Lord in December that I could use a couple good events in the Spring. You know the verses about asking God for the desires of your heart and if they line up with His desires....He will provide. Tah dah!!! An opening with the Missouri Artisans in their block of six artists invited to participate in the Kentucky Crafted Market

Held the first weekend of March in Louisville, Kentucky, this isn't just any market. Hosted by the Kentucky Arts Council, it is a three day, long-running, prestigious market where the first day is open only to gift shops of all sorts looking to purchase wholesale items.

I believe you go big or go home, which means I've spent the last 2 months designing and creating a wholesale-exclusive line of necklaces! To think, you may see Never Bored Creations quilling items in gift shops all over the USA. (That's scary in many ways!)

Add to the above that the fall always depletes my available retail product....more twirlin' twirlin' twirlin'!

Because.....THEN I received an invite to a brand new event....the Missouri Life Market Fair at Powell Gardens in Kansas City the last weekend of April.! What? I say...What? Was I thinking!!!! I do believe I need to be a little more cautious when asking God for things! lol. Instead of the thump thump thump of a drum, my brain is filled with the swirling sound of twirlin' paper!

Well, twirl buddies, it's best I end this ramble and get back to the studio!

(Swirl...swirl...swirl...) Here's to no time for boredom....

You swirling twirlin' fool


Dallas, Tesas, bound!

It's that time again! The annual North American Quilling Guild Conference is set and registration is open!

What's at the conference?

Classes!  Tons of classes. Learn or perfect tons of techniques. Last year I even taught a class on framing!

Vendors! With tons of quilling supplies! Like me...I'll have Lake City Craft papers! Pre-send me your order and I'll bring it along for pickup!

Like minded people! Yep, an entire hotel filled with ....wait for it....QUILLERS!!! I now have quilling friends from all over the world. Canada. Puerto Rico. England. Even Japan!
Janet and her husband, Paul. from England.
Janet is a published quiller and started JJ Qulling in England!

Me. My friend, Shelly, from South Bend, Indiana. And my friend
Lorrie, from Arvada, CO. I've quilled in BOTH of their homes!!

Freedom! For your family that is. lol. This year let your family give you a quilling conference for Mother's Day! Turns out the best hotel rates for Spring in Dallas is Mother's Day weekend!  But don't worry. The event is over on Saturday evening so you can jump on a plane and head home first thing Sunday morning!

At you will find all the information you need!

Scroll to the bottom of the NAQG page and find all the information you need in PDF.

So come on along! Let's get our twirl on!!

Lisa, your paper twirlin' zealot!

2018 and beyond....

2018!!!  How did that happen?! An artist coach I follow shared and idea that I'm running with: "Don't think of this as 2018 but as your year! Take this year beyond and make it 20-GREAT-teen!" That is my goal. So I bought a new planner and did 90-day planning.

What does that have to do with you? Deciding whether you would enjoy another paper filigree/quilling on-line class....

Would you?

What could I teach that would help you in your quilling journey?

Not sure what that looks like...How about an up close of a couple techniques to add to your arsenal of skills? Or another video like the 4 Colors - 4 Shapes - 5+ Designs video I created?

What say you, twirl buddies? These classes are about my passion "Spreading the joy of paper filigree one twirl at a time." How can I spread some joy your way to help you make this your 20-GREAT-teen???

Here's to no time for boredom!

Your twirl buddy, Lisa

On the table....

Thanksgiving 2017!

I'm always amazed at how quickly time now flies. As I grew up people told me this would happen; however, in our current society it is not just flying by for adults. I hear it in my grandkids, also. So much on their plates there is little time for watching clouds, reading a good book (for fun not school!), catching up with friends, or snuggling with a grandparent.

Time for riding bikes (even if you did take the phone away!) or skipping rocks on the pond in the park.

I've lost several people over the past seven years that were very special to me. Some I made time for...some I did not make enough time.

When my job with the University Missouri ended four years ago I did not want to start over with another day job. Working 40 hours a week with little vacation. That's why I started Never Bored Creations. Because I wanted time.

Time to take my mom (who turned 85 years old - today!) to doctor appointments. Time to mow her grass. Time to help my cousin Carrie after her surgery.  Carrie who gives me so much as she does my business books, packages and prices products.

Time to handle things around the house. And time to enjoy my husband's retirement next year. Time to listen to my daughters phone calls as they drive to work in the mornings. Time....

So as you begin the next few weeks of the holiday season, take time. Take time to slow down. Time for that extra hour's visit. Time for the extra hugs and kisses.

Take time to look over the past blessings, thanking our Lord for all He has provided. Time to think on things of the future that are good and meaningful.  Time to just be....

Time...remember you can never get back what is past. Don't let tomorrow's time become yesterday's loss.

I pray blessing over each and everyone of you during this blessed season.