Hard year? Choose JOY!

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Did you have a hard 2019? Were you on Facebook where all you saw were posts about 2019 getting over with because it was so hard?

I did. I had so many friends go on and on about how hard of a year it was. And it was a hard year for them. So many things that saddened my heart.

The crazy part? It was not until sometime in January 2020 when I realized - Wow! My 2019 year was hard!!

I chose not to apply for one of my biggest shows and then my 15 year-old granddaughter moved in during Spring and kept me busy for four months. Her move-in timing and not knowing how long she would be with us meant I missed out on applying for shows that would replace the loss of my biggest fall show.  Ouch! Un-cha-ching!

Then in June, my youngest brother-in-law became gravely ill, The first of July my husband basically moved four hours away to be with his brother and his mom. Sadly, 23 days after his heart surgery Darren passed away. He lived with my 88 year-old mom-in-law and so my husband and I had to spend several weeks helping her figure things out. Turned down several shows - un-cha-ching.

A few months later we had to help her move into a senior living facility. Cleaning out the 47 year-old house filled with 100 years of family heirlooms fell mostly on our shoulders. Only attended one show opportunity over Christmas season - un-cha-ching.

It was not only a hard year for the family it was a very hard cha-ching year for Never Bored Creations.

So with all of this happening, why did I not notice how hard the year was?  Because in my every day life I make it a practice to CHOOSE JOY. 

I was so blessed to be able to give my granddaughter the attention she needed those four months. I was able to take care of my customers but did not seek out new ones. I did not oh-hum over lost dollars but was JOYful at my flexibility.

I was so blessed to support my husband by doing yard work he does and anything else around the house as he lived hours from home caring for the family. I was JOYful over being the partner I always want to be.

I was so blessed to help my mom-in-law find just the perfect place and help her set up housekeeping in her new apartment. Even through all the muscle aches I was JOYful.

So is my prayer for you, my friend. Blessings are not "coming" your way. They are here! You choose to see them or the noise of the world scattered over them. Choose JOY in all moments and things won't seem so hard.

Choosing JOY in the morning. Choosing JOY at night. Choosing JOY in the afternoon.


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