Hamsa - The Hand of G-d

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So what's my newest twiling enjoyment? Hamsa - Hand of G-d.  As many of you know I vended at a wholesale market in Philadelphia this past January.  While there I met several shop owners from the Jewish community. One asked if I had anything with the Hamsa on it?

Well, I was a little embarrassed to admit I did not know what that was. Between her explanation and a quick Google search - tah dah! I'm in awe. Here in one of my renditions.

Hamsa - Hand of G-d is meant to counteract the Evil Eye, which brings heartache and mayhem, by placing the eye within the Hand of G-d. Thus projecting us.

The hand symbol is used in other religions including Islamic, and has been found in historic Christianity. (Who'd thunk that!) My research tells me it is difficult to determine when the Hamsa began being used in Sephardic Jewish culture, which flourished along side Islam. It can be seen both with the fingers pointing up and with the fingers pointing down.

On the website My Jewish Learning, they talk of other symbols being placed in the hand, such as a fish, "the Star of David, prayers for the traveler, the Shema, the blessing over the house, and the colors of red and blue, both of which are said to thwart the Evil Eye."

Please know I claim no expertise in this matter. However, I am of the belief that my Christian faith is only as strong as its roots. That belief requires me to search God's word through both New and Old Testament. It also requires me to acknowledge the foundation of Christianity - the Hebrew faith. Which is why I bring to you Hamsa - Hand of G-d. 

May this journey bless you as deeply as it has blessed me.

A seeker of G-d's wisdom and knowledge,