Tip for making Fringed Flowers

December Greetings! Are we all scurrying around yet?! I know I am! But, seriously, I love this time of year. I love the music. I love the smells. The Christmas trees and lights. The family and group gatherings. And, of course, I do love my Jesus for giving me a reason to really celebrate the season!

So, what better time to share a tip for creating a fun fringed flower that can be used for so much more.

Fringed flowers can be created with special tools like this fringer from Lake City Crafts. If you own a die cut machine, Quilled Creations has some handy dies for making fringed flowers. But if your funds are all tied up right now in buying for friends and family - well, here's a way to create your own (until you can buy the cool tools! lol).

Step 1: Gather a ruler (I like my wooden ruler with a metal edge), fine scissors, your paper of choice, and cheap sticky dots.

Step 2: Attach your paper to the ruler using the sticky dots. (I only used one on each end of the paper and one in the middle.)

Step 3: Using the marks on the ruler, snip, snip, snip away!

Lessons from Silver Dollar City.....

Greetings everyone. What a ride these past 3 months have been! The first of September saw my daughter getting married and part 1 of my stay at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Then home a couple weeks before finishing the last 3 weeks of October in part 2 of my #sdcadventure!

Here's an early Sunday morning picture.
The second booth up on the right was mine. 
This is the wonderful little church at SDC
where I was honored to attend
Sunday morning services before the park opened. 

Even with all the fun I had and lessons I learned there is one that really sticks with me: today is Veteran's Day here in the United States of America. I know you know this! If you are anywhere near Facebook you have to be reminded! lol

However, while I was at Silver Dollar City, every morning at 10 a.m. they would call all those who served or are serving in the armed forces to the square. They handed them red, white and blue ribbons that said "Veteran" then they marched them to the flag pole. As the flag was raised, the pledge was said, and anthem sung the soldiers stood at attention and saluted.  It was such an honor to see this every morning.

What many of my friends did not know until my SDC adventure is that I served in the military. I never really gave myself much credit because I was 'only' in the Army Reserves for eight years. But then one day I was telling an active Air Force solider whose family stopped by my booth that I served. He asked, "So where's your ribbon?" I said, "Well, it isn't like I was in Vietnam or gave full-time service like you have."

That solider gave me back my pride in the years I wore the uniform when he said, "Lisa, less than one percent of Americans ever sign that blank check of their lives over to America's freedom, and you signed it three times! You get that ribbon on! And thank you for your service, soldier." I was so very humbled by his remarks as we carried on.

Needless to say, I got a ribbon and I wore that ribbon all the days I was at SDC. And I just want you to know that it is an honor to have served you. Soldiers don't serve for recognition or to place themselves higher than others. We serve because of our love for America and everything she represents, for protection of our families, and everyone's right to live a life of freedom.

So be sure to thank a soldier when you see them - and not just on Veteran's day! You will never really know how very much we appreciate your thanks.

Well, if I'm going to get anything finished today I best get back at it!

I pray you are blessed no matter your mess!

Your paper twirlin' zealot!

Star of Rissa - Caution: This May Sadden Your Heart

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves, the crisp air, the smells, pumpkin soup! As exciting as it can be it is still a season of change. And after the holidays, that change can really set in for those of us living in areas where trees are bare, there's little snow, and everything is sleeping in wait for spring.

So it went in October 2010. It started like any season. The trees on fire and the air crisp and clean. The fireplaces glowing and the marshmallows roasting. Pulling out jackets for cool winds and wool socks for chilly toes. Changing closets from summer to fall/winter.

Then the day of October 18, 2010, changed everything....

You see, I have three amazing daughters.  All of them struggle in many ways, but my second daughter, Melissa LeeAnn, struggled harder then all of us. She was my high school drop-out, my 19-year old single mom, and my college graduate! But even with all her accomplishments to make her proud, at the age of 29 she could take the struggles of her illness no more. That's right .... the dreaded "s" word .... suicide.

In the wake of destruction she left behind her daughters (6 & 10), her husband of 8 years, her sisters, me and her dad, her grandparents, and countless aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.  While the last leaves of fall fell from the trees the cold bleakness of a mid-west January had already arrived.

A bleakness that only those who have endured this kind of change can understand. Oh, all my friends try to understand and they try to comfort. But it is a pain and a loss we all must bare and come to terms with each in our own way.

So the birth this year of "Star of Rissa." I have designed quilled snowflakes for all of my daughters and granddaughters over the past couple years. While creating patterns I realized I had not created one for my Melissa - lovingly nick-named by my younger daughter who started out not being able to pronounce Melissa but instead called her Rissa for a time. She moved on to calling her sister Melissa, but Rissa is what I would call her during special mom/daughter talks.

Although snowflakes are each unique and they do come and go . . . they do come again. My Rissa will not return to my life here as I know it. So the creation of a star burning ever so gently in that good night....

Yesterday marked the 5th year. For me, the bleak mid-January cold season does not stay around very long now. A smile, a laugh, a really awesome pair of shoes (Of which she left over 300 pair behind and some the same style but multiple colors!) will bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my hurting heart.

While she was here, my Rissa lived life big and loud. A big star taking up space in the heavens seems much more appropriate than a soft, melting snowflake.

Upon my return from Silver Dollar City I will complete this design's pattern and share it with my quilling buddies so you can make one for someone big and loud in your family.

Until next time . . . rollin' rollin' rollin'! Keep those papers rollin'!!


It's not summer yet!?!?

Wow! Have things been ca-RAAZ-y around here!

So what am I up to?

January 1, 2015, I joined in cahoots with a local artisans' gallery owned by my good friend, Sam (check out Rust and like our page, plz!!). I run the gallery on Fridays. Yep! Filigree Fridays is what you will hear me say when you visit.

In March I was awarded my Juried Artist status with the Missouri Artisans Association / Best of Missouri Hands. Which qualified me for my own little shop this fall at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO!! (Well, it is actually an 8x10 space - but the little wooden, stand-alone structure looks like a shop! lol)  The event is their National-Harvest-Festival. And goofy me signed up for lots of weeks!!

What else - Saturdays in Ste. Genevieve. I'm working with the Ste. Genevieve Tourism Department on their Summer 2015 activities. With handmade demonstrations, music, and handmade/craft booths set up every Saturday. And we can't forget the costumed strollers! So much happening in Ste. Genevieve!

Add to all of that, I'm trying to blog and complete some new patterns. Below is my Angel Watching Over Me that I just listed on Etsy!

Well, other than getting ready for my youngest daughter to get married in September 2015, I think that about covers it. Phew! I'm tired! lol

So what are you up to recently?

Until next time . . . keep those papers rollin'!


Quilling for the Home . . .

I love making fridge art! Just something about putting my work out in the open and still being useful.

With this project I used 1 1/2 inch wood discs; scrapbook paper; and a 3/4 inch round magnet.

I glued the decorative scrapbook paper to one side and the small, round magnet to the other side.

Then I quilled my design on the scrapbook paper. Tah dah!!!

Hint: When making fridge art - be sure your glue is down the center of the shape. If you only add glue to the edges or just the middle the warm heat from the fridge will cause the paper to wilt and eventually you could have areas in your shape kind of dangling. I wish I had a picture of this to share, but I saw it happen to a card I gave a family member. I was too embarrassed to point it out and ask for a picture!

Until next time - Here's to never being bored!!!


"Spreading the joy of paper filigree one twirl at a time!"

American Made Paper Filigree Video

Oh my goodness! I came across this great video of an Antique Road Show submission. I just had to share it!

So do you have any 'old' paper filigree (quilled) pieces laying around? I love the look on this owner's face when she finds out this is made of paper and its worth because it is made in America.  Wow!

Until next time - here's to getting your twirl on!

Lisa - rollin' rollin' rollin' keep those papers rollin'!!

Struggles of Business

January 1, 2015, is the first day of the rest of my business. Well, actually, it started by accident three years ago. But a full-time job and family obligations kept me from getting very far very quickly. So when news that the grant for my job would end, the hubby and I decided I could spend time testing the waters and see if this would go anywhere. So, back to the by accident part. Here’s how the last 3 years went:

Christmas 2011: I made some pretty gift boxes that everyone wanted to buy. So that got me to thinking.

May-June 2012: I took a class on creating a feasibility study that was meant to help me in my day job where I helped other small businesses, and I decided to complete the study on a paper filigree business. That twice-a-week-for-six-weeks class kicked my butt! It was so much work. But it paid off. Following the instructors,
I put together a feasibility study that earned me a grant to purchase a color laser printer and a good quality event tent - complete with sides!

Summer 2012: Purchased my domain name and web host package, loaded a couple pages, registered a