On the table....

Thanksgiving 2017!

I'm always amazed at how quickly time now flies. As I grew up people told me this would happen; however, in our current society it is not just flying by for adults. I hear it in my grandkids, also. So much on their plates there is little time for watching clouds, reading a good book (for fun not school!), catching up with friends, or snuggling with a grandparent.

Time for riding bikes (even if you did take the phone away!) or skipping rocks on the pond in the park.

I've lost several people over the past seven years that were very special to me. Some I made time for...some I did not make enough time.

When my job with the University Missouri ended four years ago I did not want to start over with another day job. Working 40 hours a week with little vacation. That's why I started Never Bored Creations. Because I wanted time.

Time to take my mom (who turned 85 years old - today!) to doctor appointments. Time to mow her grass. Time to help my cousin Carrie after her surgery.  Carrie who gives me so much as she does my business books, packages and prices products.

Time to handle things around the house. And time to enjoy my husband's retirement next year. Time to listen to my daughters phone calls as they drive to work in the mornings. Time....

So as you begin the next few weeks of the holiday season, take time. Take time to slow down. Time for that extra hour's visit. Time for the extra hugs and kisses.

Take time to look over the past blessings, thanking our Lord for all He has provided. Time to think on things of the future that are good and meaningful.  Time to just be....

Time...remember you can never get back what is past. Don't let tomorrow's time become yesterday's loss.

I pray blessing over each and everyone of you during this blessed season.