Get Your Twirl On! Papger Quilling - Wheatears, Alternate Side Looping, and Husking

For any who missed the last newsletter, I'm now teaching classes via an on-line video learning platform called Skillshare.

My first class is Get Your Twirl On! Intro to Paper Quilling. It teaches you about the tools, papers, and how to make the 12 basic shapes of paper filigree/quilling. There's also loads of free downloads that come with the class!

AND NOW!!! Class #2 is posted!! Drum roll please....Get Your Twirl On! Paper Quilling - Wheatears, Alternate Side Looping, and Husking.

My in-person class fee is $25 per class per person. But you can watch a video in the comfort of your own home and save $24.01.  Yep! The links above will give you access to my class on Skillshare for 3 months at the crazy price of only 99 cents!!

BUT WAIT!! (Haha!!! I just had to say that!) Just 99 cents can get you access to both of my classes and that makes it a $49.01 savings value! AND opens the door to loads of other craft videos, and tons of other learning videos!

PLEASE....As you wonder around Skillshare before deciding, please be sure the 3 month offer listed at the top of your screen has my name on it. If not, please return to my class list (or to this e-mail if need be) before signing up. That is the only way I get paid by Skillshare for the classes.

So come along twirl buddies. Christmas is coming! Let's go get your twirl on!

Paper Filigree Artist

My gift to you...on-line class!

Hi everyone,

This just floors me...but I finally did my very first video class! ALL by myself! Planning, video taping, editing, uploading!! Just me!

Check out my Intro....

September 19, 2016. free class has expired! But you can still get both classes for only 99 cents! Just go here... Give me 3 months crazy cheap!!

Now here's my gift to you. is an on-line learning center. A premium membership is $10 per month or $96 per year.  My class is a premium class that you have to be a member of Skillshare to view; however!!! I have made a limited few classes FREE! 

Follow this link to watch my class for free....Watch GYTO - Intro to Paper Quilling

The above link needs no credit card or payment of any kind. AND when you enroll you will be helping me out very VERY much! Hurry, there are only 15 spots available!!

WAIT...NOW....if you go crazy over Skillshare like I did, I can give you 3 months access for only 99 cents! That is a $30 value for only 99 cents!! Follow this link for...Give me 3 months super cheap!!

Please help me grow my on-line presence! And any of you who take advantage of this I will give you free access to another class of your choice. Now how awesome is that?!?

Well, I best get at it. Silver Dollar City and several other events are one my Fall calendar. Lots of products to make!!

Keep those papers rollin'!!

Paper Twilin' Zealot

Nashville! NAQGCON 2016

I'm not sure who stole my last couple of months, but here it is June of 2016. How..did..that..happen!?!?

After March vaca I spent a lot of time working at the Ste. Genevieve Welcome Center .  April was stolen mostly by year will be better (HA! Doubt it! lol). And May? The first two weeks was preparing for the North American Quilling Guild Conference 2016. I was honored to be a teacher at the conference. Oh what fun! The last two weeks of May I could not get anything done. As it turned out, I was ill. But I did not know I had been ill for many weeks until the doctor told me last week I was ill! Well, guess what - I'm feeling better!! WooooWhooo!!

I don't have a lot of pictures from NAQGCON. They always ask us to limit what we post to blogs and social media so that NAQG members who did not make the conference get first look in our July Quill America print magazine.

But I have a few .... like this one!
Me, Jane Jenkins (eeekkk!!) and husband, Paul Jenkins! I spent the conference in the presence of Jane Jenkins from the UK! As a published author of quilling books and founder of JJ Quilling Designs she has been around for more quilling years that I have. I own many of her books and I was just thrilled to spend time with her. Jane even took my Chinese Quilling class (more on next weeks blog about that) and I - this 5 year newbie! - was able to share a couple tricks with her. She and her husband, Paul, are just precious.

I did win a couple second place ribbons in two jewelry categories. I'll save those for another post to honor Quill America - which you can receive yourself if you join the NAQG

HOWEVER!!! I will share this!! I applied for and received my NAQG accreditation!! I'm so honored - and how scary that process ways. I'm not sure which I stressed over more - my accreditation from the North American Quilling Guild or my Juried status with the Missouri Artisans Association/Best of Missouri Hands.

There's two parts to the accreditation process.  It includes a grid of shapes (stage 1) and a framed piece (stage 2). Here is the framed piece I made for the application:
Made to Shine in the Dark - Stage 2

One last picture ... Me, my first friend through NAQG, Shelly from Indiana, and my newest friend, Lorrie from Colorado. What a blessing these women are to me.
Your Paper Twirlin' Zealot, Shelly, and Lorrie

What a great trip.  Looking forward to Tampa, FL, in 2017!!! A bunch of you should come with me.

Until next time, Creatives....

Life's too short to ever be bored!

Paper twilin' zealot

How to .... Vacation!

Adventures of the Traveling Hens

Yep! I know you missed my regular post last Friday, but I'm sure you won't mind me taking my 83 year old Momma on a road trip to Florida.

I also took my bestie cousin. Carrie is an only child and I'm an only girl so we have been as close as sisters for all our years.

Momma hadn't been to Florida since the late 1950's where she lived in Miami during what she remembers as the golden years. She returned to central-Missouri in 1959 when she was pregnant with me. Of course, I only agreed to take her to Florida if she agreed NOT to come back pregnant! *giggle*

The Hens
On Sunday, March 6, me (on the left), and momma, Jean (center), and my bestie cousin, Carrie, (on the right) packed up the car and headed south.  We stopped at wonderful places along the way. Enjoyed the Florida area for three days. And then quilt shop hopped all the way home. Returning Saturday, March 12.  

What a great trip of memories. Hope you enjoy the pictures I posted below. 

So that's what I was up to last week. Do you have any vacation plans coming up? Share a comment or two below!

Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep those wheels (?) a rollin'!


Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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Only minutes from home - church on Kaskaskia Island, IL, still on Missouri side of the river.
Just crossed the Mississippi River and had to
visit Popeye at Chester, Il, 
Rock City, TN - Viewing seven states!
Stone Mountain, GA.
Tuesday - Coco Beach, FL.
Wednesday - The Traveling Hens at Bush Gardens, Tampa, FL.
Thursday - Medieval Times Dinner Theater
My favorite stop - Red Hen Fabrics, Marietta, GA
The Traveling Hens had to stop here!!
Picked up material from each state we traveled through.
This is for Tennessee. 
Remember: There is never any excuse for being bored!

Fleur-de-lis for you....

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, is a town settled in the mid-1700's by French Canadians traveling down the rivers from Canada. Did you notice the 'e' on the end of Sainte? That's not a typo. Ste. Genevieve was a woman and patron saint in France living between 422-512 (ish--you know how uncertain old records can be).

When established as a town the fleur de lis was selected to represent Sainte Genevieve. I'm always asked about a fleur de lis product. So....This month, I'm introducing the first two pieces of my new fleur de lis line!

The necklace....     

Click on the pictures and hurry over to my Etsy shop to make your purchase before the first ones get away!

The earrings...

As the line expands, I'll be offering these in several colors. Have a color in mind? Just ask!

Watch for next week's post where I show you "How to ..." (You didn't think I'd tell, did you? Heheee)

Have a blessed week!


Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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February Freebie

Garden from my downstairs's patio.

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in Southeast Missouri the weather is crazy! Snow the size of potato chip flakes came floating down last week. And I might add, right after a 75 degree day! This week? In a 24 hour period we had rain, snow (that melted quickly!), 45 degree temps, and ice pellets - all in that order! Guueezzz... Days like that make my windowless office very cozy! 

So what have I been doing to keep warm?  Making new pattern tutorials and twirlin' paper, of course! 

One pattern is your February freebie! Whoop! Whoop!! These are directions to make a refillable, notepad topper. I really enjoy making these toppers. They are so much prettier for displaying my magnetic notepads on the fridge then just the notepad.  

Also, the topper and the notepad create just the right ledge that I can clip a pen over the topper and it lays on the top edge of the notepad.

Humm...are you a little confused? Yep, me too! So here's a little visual for you. 

Ssooo....[drum roll plz]'s the link to your February freebie!   Refillable, Notepad Topper Tutorial

The pattern gives you measurements and directions for making the topper. The Bonus Page gives you tips and several ideas of colors and quill design ideas you could use on your topper.

Then! There's nothing like a snowflake. They are each so different and unique in their own way. Much like my daughters and my Nana-babies.  As I create snowflakes I name them after the girls in my family. So new to my Etsy page is the first in my snowflake line "Tater Bug" (Named after my Nana-daughter, Taylor.).  And at only a $1.75 - what a bargain! It's never too early to start those Christmas ornaments. Hurry over and buy your copy digital now! 

"Tater Bug" Snowflake Tutorial

Well, that' enough for this week. Thanks for hanging out with me. Until next week .... 

May your lighting be bright and your coils be just right!


Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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Behind the Scenes - Design Studio

Well, another week has passed here at Never Bored Creations. As I look over what I've accomplished this week I thought you might like to see where all the 'magic' happens.

I'm blessed to have an entire room to create, design, and write in. (Oh gueezzz....who am I kidding! I've grown into several rooms - but more on that in another post! lol) We do have a walkout basement, and what started out as a craft room got pushed to the back with no windows. Problem fix? Paint it a happy lavender! 

Here's a picture I took a couple years ago for my bio in my Etsy shop. Still looks like me only add some length to my hair. This is the area I use for blogging, creating digital patterns, and all that pesky office/business stuff you have to do. 

When I accepted a back corner for my craft room I never thought a few years later it would grow into something much, much more! A full-fledged studio where I get to spend my days. Once it moved past a sewing/crocheting/cross stitching and any other creative thing I can do room I decided I needed something more than a table.

That's when I started looking for the perfect design desk for my now paper quilling studio. I spotted this one at a store but, at the time, was hesitate to pay the $129 price tag. So I kept looking. day I walk in the store and discovered they had discontinued the desk. WOW! Such delight when I picked up the floor model for a mere $45!! 

It's perfect!!

As you can see, I was able to adjust the shelves on both sides to a height that my paper holders stand nicely within my reach. I can see every color I have. The smaller shelf areas hold tools and items I need. The lower shelves give me even more space. 

Between the shelves I was able to put a small cork bulletin board. When working on a project I often pin inspirational photos, color palettes, and other items that help me in the design process. 

See the top shelf? I just bought the large drawer cabinet for my jewelry findings and other small items, like small magnets or tubes of adhesives. 

The shelf also turned out to be the perfect place to put additional lighting.  

So that's today's peek into my "Behind the Scenes" series. 

Up next week - info on two new digital patterns I've worked out this week while in my lavender colored happy place. :)

Until next time....Here's to never being bored!


Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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Valentine's Day - Two Hearts....

Coming up with original designs can be rewarding, but have you ever enhanced a picture? I've experimented with several. And to encourage you to do so, I thought it is about time for me to share one I just finished.

Two Hearts....

Here is a framed piece I purchased at a Big Lots store. Just a simple print on cardboard and added to an inexpensive frame. In this example, the words and wing highlights, and a simple heart are actually on the glass, not on the picture.

When looking for a picture I evaluate several things. To name a few:
* Can the picture be separated from the frame easily? And then be reconnected?
* Is there space between the picture and the glass?  This one is not a deal breaker, but if there is not I have to ask -
* Is there room to create space between the glass and picture? (Keep in mind you need room for your paper width of choice - generally, 1/8 inch for me - and a little breathing space between the paper and glass.)
* What would I enhance? Sometimes I like a picture but maybe the quilling would get lost in everything else going on. Simple is quite often the best choice.