American Made Paper Filigree Video

Oh my goodness! I came across this great video of an Antique Road Show submission. I just had to share it!

So do you have any 'old' paper filigree (quilled) pieces laying around? I love the look on this owner's face when she finds out this is made of paper and its worth because it is made in America.  Wow!

Until next time - here's to getting your twirl on!

Lisa - rollin' rollin' rollin' keep those papers rollin'!!

Struggles of Business

January 1, 2015, is the first day of the rest of my business. Well, actually, it started by accident three years ago. But a full-time job and family obligations kept me from getting very far very quickly. So when news that the grant for my job would end, the hubby and I decided I could spend time testing the waters and see if this would go anywhere. So, back to the by accident part. Here’s how the last 3 years went:

Christmas 2011: I made some pretty gift boxes that everyone wanted to buy. So that got me to thinking.

May-June 2012: I took a class on creating a feasibility study that was meant to help me in my day job where I helped other small businesses, and I decided to complete the study on a paper filigree business. That twice-a-week-for-six-weeks class kicked my butt! It was so much work. But it paid off. Following the instructors,
I put together a feasibility study that earned me a grant to purchase a color laser printer and a good quality event tent - complete with sides!

Summer 2012: Purchased my domain name and web host package, loaded a couple pages, registered a