Struggles of Business

January 1, 2015, is the first day of the rest of my business. Well, actually, it started by accident three years ago. But a full-time job and family obligations kept me from getting very far very quickly. So when news that the grant for my job would end, the hubby and I decided I could spend time testing the waters and see if this would go anywhere. So, back to the by accident part. Here’s how the last 3 years went:

Christmas 2011: I made some pretty gift boxes that everyone wanted to buy. So that got me to thinking.

May-June 2012: I took a class on creating a feasibility study that was meant to help me in my day job where I helped other small businesses, and I decided to complete the study on a paper filigree business. That twice-a-week-for-six-weeks class kicked my butt! It was so much work. But it paid off. Following the instructors,
I put together a feasibility study that earned me a grant to purchase a color laser printer and a good quality event tent - complete with sides!

Summer 2012: Purchased my domain name and web host package, loaded a couple pages, registered a
fictitious name with the State of Missouri, got a sales tax ID number, and attended my first festivals in October and December.

2013: While working my day job, I continued to pound away, did several events over the year, including being the coordinator for one event, day job ended September 27.  Well, then the holidays happened!

2014: New year. New energy. Did some website and social media accounts, several more events, including a Saturday weekly market, felt myself paddling up stream and getting nowhere, and then I made a big decision:

After 30 years of bringing in the dough, it’s okay not to for a while! 

Don't get me wrong, I did make a few dollars but not near what I would make if I gave up the idea and clock in 9-5, Monday - Friday, for a 'real' company.  But that's okay! And it's okay for you too!

Yep, I’m blessed not to have to worry about the light bill (my hubby does a good job taking care of that). So with the support of my family and especially my awesome hubby, today is the first day of the rest of my business. Come along for the ride and learn with me - we can build the life we want.

Here’s to never being bored!

Lisa - Jack of all trades: Masters in nothing!

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