Valentine's Day - Two Hearts....

Coming up with original designs can be rewarding, but have you ever enhanced a picture? I've experimented with several. And to encourage you to do so, I thought it is about time for me to share one I just finished.

Two Hearts....

Here is a framed piece I purchased at a Big Lots store. Just a simple print on cardboard and added to an inexpensive frame. In this example, the words and wing highlights, and a simple heart are actually on the glass, not on the picture.

When looking for a picture I evaluate several things. To name a few:
* Can the picture be separated from the frame easily? And then be reconnected?
* Is there space between the picture and the glass?  This one is not a deal breaker, but if there is not I have to ask -
* Is there room to create space between the glass and picture? (Keep in mind you need room for your paper width of choice - generally, 1/8 inch for me - and a little breathing space between the paper and glass.)
* What would I enhance? Sometimes I like a picture but maybe the quilling would get lost in everything else going on. Simple is quite often the best choice.

As you can see above, in this case the two birds and the butterflies seemed to melt in with the leaves and flowers. They just screamed, "Make us front and center!" Ssooooo...I rescued those little creatures and bought it!  After separating the picture from the frame I went to work.  I always chose colors that come as close to the original picture colors as possible. Remember: You want to enhance and add to the beauty. Not overpower and take away from what drew you to the original.

Here's what I did....
Piece separated from frame and enhanced.
The designs of the print inspired me to use mainly quilled shapes of marquise, the beehive technique, and wheaters. (Nope, wheaters is not misspelled, that's how the quillers spell it! lol)

Up close . . . 

What fun! Sssooo...drum roll please!!! 

Tah Dah!!!

There you go! Have I encouraged you to enhance a picture and make it your own? I sure hope so. Go to my Facebook page and share what you are working on!

Until next time....Here's to never being bored!


Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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