Tip for making Fringed Flowers

December Greetings! Are we all scurrying around yet?! I know I am! But, seriously, I love this time of year. I love the music. I love the smells. The Christmas trees and lights. The family and group gatherings. And, of course, I do love my Jesus for giving me a reason to really celebrate the season!

So, what better time to share a tip for creating a fun fringed flower that can be used for so much more.

Fringed flowers can be created with special tools like this fringer from Lake City Crafts. If you own a die cut machine, Quilled Creations has some handy dies for making fringed flowers. But if your funds are all tied up right now in buying for friends and family - well, here's a way to create your own (until you can buy the cool tools! lol).

Step 1: Gather a ruler (I like my wooden ruler with a metal edge), fine scissors, your paper of choice, and cheap sticky dots.

Step 2: Attach your paper to the ruler using the sticky dots. (I only used one on each end of the paper and one in the middle.)

Step 3: Using the marks on the ruler, snip, snip, snip away!

Step 4: Make your fringed flower. 

Here are some examples of different lengths of cuts and colors.

Hope you enjoy this addition to your arsenal of tips for making your quilled project just smashing! While you're at it, hop over to my facebook page and share a pic of your project! 

Until next time....Here's to never being bored!

Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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