Behind the Scenes - Design Studio

Well, another week has passed here at Never Bored Creations. As I look over what I've accomplished this week I thought you might like to see where all the 'magic' happens.

I'm blessed to have an entire room to create, design, and write in. (Oh gueezzz....who am I kidding! I've grown into several rooms - but more on that in another post! lol) We do have a walkout basement, and what started out as a craft room got pushed to the back with no windows. Problem fix? Paint it a happy lavender! 

Here's a picture I took a couple years ago for my bio in my Etsy shop. Still looks like me only add some length to my hair. This is the area I use for blogging, creating digital patterns, and all that pesky office/business stuff you have to do. 

When I accepted a back corner for my craft room I never thought a few years later it would grow into something much, much more! A full-fledged studio where I get to spend my days. Once it moved past a sewing/crocheting/cross stitching and any other creative thing I can do room I decided I needed something more than a table.

That's when I started looking for the perfect design desk for my now paper quilling studio. I spotted this one at a store but, at the time, was hesitate to pay the $129 price tag. So I kept looking. day I walk in the store and discovered they had discontinued the desk. WOW! Such delight when I picked up the floor model for a mere $45!! 

It's perfect!!

As you can see, I was able to adjust the shelves on both sides to a height that my paper holders stand nicely within my reach. I can see every color I have. The smaller shelf areas hold tools and items I need. The lower shelves give me even more space. 

Between the shelves I was able to put a small cork bulletin board. When working on a project I often pin inspirational photos, color palettes, and other items that help me in the design process. 

See the top shelf? I just bought the large drawer cabinet for my jewelry findings and other small items, like small magnets or tubes of adhesives. 

The shelf also turned out to be the perfect place to put additional lighting.  

So that's today's peek into my "Behind the Scenes" series. 

Up next week - info on two new digital patterns I've worked out this week while in my lavender colored happy place. :)

Until next time....Here's to never being bored!


Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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  1. Love your crafting corner! I am still looking for the perfect desk myself, and it's funny how difficult it has turned out to be! I always imagined you to have scented candles and music or podcasts going when you work! Happy twirling!

    1. Robin, you are so right. How hard to find the right desk/table! And I do most often diffuse my oils and listen to JoyFMonline while twirling! lol.

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