February Freebie

Garden from my downstairs's patio.

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in Southeast Missouri the weather is crazy! Snow the size of potato chip flakes came floating down last week. And I might add, right after a 75 degree day! This week? In a 24 hour period we had rain, snow (that melted quickly!), 45 degree temps, and ice pellets - all in that order! Guueezzz... Days like that make my windowless office very cozy! 

So what have I been doing to keep warm?  Making new pattern tutorials and twirlin' paper, of course! 

One pattern is your February freebie! Whoop! Whoop!! These are directions to make a refillable, notepad topper. I really enjoy making these toppers. They are so much prettier for displaying my magnetic notepads on the fridge then just the notepad.  

Also, the topper and the notepad create just the right ledge that I can clip a pen over the topper and it lays on the top edge of the notepad.

Humm...are you a little confused? Yep, me too! So here's a little visual for you. 

Ssooo....[drum roll plz].....here's the link to your February freebie!   Refillable, Notepad Topper Tutorial

The pattern gives you measurements and directions for making the topper. The Bonus Page gives you tips and several ideas of colors and quill design ideas you could use on your topper.

Then! There's nothing like a snowflake. They are each so different and unique in their own way. Much like my daughters and my Nana-babies.  As I create snowflakes I name them after the girls in my family. So new to my Etsy page is the first in my snowflake line "Tater Bug" (Named after my Nana-daughter, Taylor.).  And at only a $1.75 - what a bargain! It's never too early to start those Christmas ornaments. Hurry over and buy your copy digital now! 

"Tater Bug" Snowflake Tutorial

Well, that' enough for this week. Thanks for hanging out with me. Until next week .... 

May your lighting be bright and your coils be just right!


Your paper twirlin' zealot!

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