Nashville! NAQGCON 2016

I'm not sure who stole my last couple of months, but here it is June of 2016. How..did..that..happen!?!?

After March vaca I spent a lot of time working at the Ste. Genevieve Welcome Center .  April was stolen mostly by year will be better (HA! Doubt it! lol). And May? The first two weeks was preparing for the North American Quilling Guild Conference 2016. I was honored to be a teacher at the conference. Oh what fun! The last two weeks of May I could not get anything done. As it turned out, I was ill. But I did not know I had been ill for many weeks until the doctor told me last week I was ill! Well, guess what - I'm feeling better!! WooooWhooo!!

I don't have a lot of pictures from NAQGCON. They always ask us to limit what we post to blogs and social media so that NAQG members who did not make the conference get first look in our July Quill America print magazine.

But I have a few .... like this one!
Me, Jane Jenkins (eeekkk!!) and husband, Paul Jenkins! I spent the conference in the presence of Jane Jenkins from the UK! As a published author of quilling books and founder of JJ Quilling Designs she has been around for more quilling years that I have. I own many of her books and I was just thrilled to spend time with her. Jane even took my Chinese Quilling class (more on next weeks blog about that) and I - this 5 year newbie! - was able to share a couple tricks with her. She and her husband, Paul, are just precious.

I did win a couple second place ribbons in two jewelry categories. I'll save those for another post to honor Quill America - which you can receive yourself if you join the NAQG

HOWEVER!!! I will share this!! I applied for and received my NAQG accreditation!! I'm so honored - and how scary that process ways. I'm not sure which I stressed over more - my accreditation from the North American Quilling Guild or my Juried status with the Missouri Artisans Association/Best of Missouri Hands.

There's two parts to the accreditation process.  It includes a grid of shapes (stage 1) and a framed piece (stage 2). Here is the framed piece I made for the application:
Made to Shine in the Dark - Stage 2

One last picture ... Me, my first friend through NAQG, Shelly from Indiana, and my newest friend, Lorrie from Colorado. What a blessing these women are to me.
Your Paper Twirlin' Zealot, Shelly, and Lorrie

What a great trip.  Looking forward to Tampa, FL, in 2017!!! A bunch of you should come with me.

Until next time, Creatives....

Life's too short to ever be bored!

Paper twilin' zealot

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