A New Adventure in a Hard Time

This is such a hard time. Covid19 is not pretty.  Our country dealing with sickness and loss. My heart goes out to everyone. Before this is over I'm sure all of us will know people (if not ourselves!) that have been physically affected by this virus. 

As a small business I must truck on....and so I'm sharing with you a new sales platform Never Bored Creations will be using - goimagine. AND out of almost 1,000 applications, I was picked as one of the first 150 makers invited to create a shop for this brand new launch! 

Why goimagine? I am very excited about this platform because of its mission: 

We believe by creating a handmade marketplace that donates 100% of Profits to Charity there's an opportunity to transform the online economy and shift some of the focus from investor returns to providing social good. 
Goimagine is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that focus on the needs of children experiencing homelessness and hunger. When buyers and sellers come together on goimagine everybody wins.
I would be so honored if you would join me on goimagine. Register as a shopper and check things out. I believe in its mission and to think my sales can make a difference for homeless and hungry U.S. children speaks to my heart! 
You, too, can be a part of making a difference. So please, come find me in my new shop location! 
My prayer is that you stay safe. Stay healthy!

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