What a caRAZzzzy two months!

I feel like the Energizer Bunny....she keeps rollin' and rollin' and rollin'......

My schedule is set nicely for the fall. Being a juried member of the Missouri Artisans Association/Best of Missouri Hands most of you know I'm blessed and honored to represent the Missouri Artisans at Silver Dollar City's Fall Craftsman and Cowboy Festival held in September and October.

I'm also part of an artist co-op here in Ste. Genevieve, Rust down on Main Street. You'll find me running the shop on Fridays and during special events where I have a very nice size display. Being the extrovert I am...my Fridays at the shop is much needed time out of the studio.

I attend other small events, such as Ste Genevieve's French Festival in June and Rural Heritage Days in October.

I do demonstrations, teach in-person classes, create patterns and video on-line classes (links to which you can find here on my website).

So why has the last two months been crazy? Add to all the above, I told the Good Lord in December that I could use a couple good events in the Spring. You know the verses about asking God for the desires of your heart and if they line up with His desires....He will provide. Tah dah!!! An opening with the Missouri Artisans in their block of six artists invited to participate in the Kentucky Crafted Market

Held the first weekend of March in Louisville, Kentucky, this isn't just any market. Hosted by the Kentucky Arts Council, it is a three day, long-running, prestigious market where the first day is open only to gift shops of all sorts looking to purchase wholesale items.

I believe you go big or go home, which means I've spent the last 2 months designing and creating a wholesale-exclusive line of necklaces! To think, you may see Never Bored Creations quilling items in gift shops all over the USA. (That's scary in many ways!)

Add to the above that the fall always depletes my available retail product....more twirlin' twirlin' twirlin'!

Because.....THEN I received an invite to a brand new event....the Missouri Life Market Fair at Powell Gardens in Kansas City the last weekend of April.

Oh.my.goodness! What? I say...What? Was I thinking!!!! I do believe I need to be a little more cautious when asking God for things! lol. Instead of the thump thump thump of a drum, my brain is filled with the swirling sound of twirlin' paper!

Well, twirl buddies, it's best I end this ramble and get back to the studio!

(Swirl...swirl...swirl...) Here's to no time for boredom....

You swirling twirlin' fool

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