2018 and beyond....

2018!!!  How did that happen?! An artist coach I follow shared and idea that I'm running with: "Don't think of this as 2018 but as your year! Take this year beyond and make it 20-GREAT-teen!" That is my goal. So I bought a new planner and did 90-day planning.

What does that have to do with you? Deciding whether you would enjoy another paper filigree/quilling on-line class....

Would you?

What could I teach that would help you in your quilling journey?

Not sure what that looks like...How about an up close of a couple techniques to add to your arsenal of skills? Or another video like the 4 Colors - 4 Shapes - 5+ Designs video I created?

What say you, twirl buddies? These classes are about my passion "Spreading the joy of paper filigree one twirl at a time." How can I spread some joy your way to help you make this your 20-GREAT-teen???

Here's to no time for boredom!

Your twirl buddy, Lisa

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