Things they are a changing

Hey all you amazing paper lovin' peeps!

I want to thank all of you for helping make 2018 the best year ever! It was a crazy busy year!

As for 2019? I'm so very excited about the changes I've got in the works!

First, I won't be at Silver Dollar City this fall. They've made changes. I've made changes. What a blessing the past four seasons have been. It also connected me with most of you! Thank you for supporting me. I do have some events in the Branson/Springfield area. I'll keep you posted!

Second, I'm leaving the local artist shop, Rust. It too has been an amazing ride. This would be my fifth season there. However, my business has grown in such a way I need that extra day per week in my studio. That is your fault! Thank you so very much!

I will be moving some items to another local, artist-based shop in Ste. Genevieve. That I will let you know about closer to May. But I won't have to work in the shop. In-person products available AND time in my studio. Win! Win!

I'm excited because all these changes means I can actually better serve my buying customer. I've been promising you for months I would have gift items for sale on line. But I've had no extra time to make good on that promise!

I've also been promising my quill buddies I would get new patterns made - - where does the time go!

Third, I'm breaking into wholesale. Yep! I tested the waters a little in 2018 and I liked the response.  So if you are aware of a cute artist boutique in your area you think my gift items would serve well, let me know! I would love to connect with shops in all areas across the U.S.

So there you go. Things they are a changing - - but for the amazing better!  I'm just so stinking excited!

Well, I best go get my twirl on if I'm to keep this year growing!

Your humble paper twirler,

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