Wholesale Big Scale!

Greetings all you awesome peoples! You just make my day every time I think of you.

I don't know about where you live, but around here we are getting a reprieve from the summer heat and starting to feel the crispness of fall.  Not that I can complain about the summer heat of 2019 anyway. It really has been a pleasant summer.  Makes me worry about winter!

"Well, Lisa, just hunker down in your studio this winter and twirl away!" Right? As the studio and my office are just a flight of stairs away - let the snow begin!  NOT!!

For starters, I'm so very excited. I've jumped in with both feet and signed up to be an emerging artist at the annual American Handcrafted wholesale show in January 2020.  Oh..my..goodness...I'm a nervous wreck!

Check this out: Philadelphia Madness!  Yep!  That's me!!

So much work to do between now and January! Going wholesale is not for ninnies. Nope! Although I'm not a total novice, what experience I have is enough to know I'm jumping in the deep end. What's first? My studio line of unframed art. Today you only get a sneak peek, but as the date gets closer I'll give you a bigger taste of the amazing product you can expect from Never Bored Creations.

Winter. Spring. Summer and Fall. Never Bored Creations can cover them all.

Because there are 16 colors from which to choose and a minimum retail order of 12, I've put the colors into 4 color groups. You are still welcome to mix and match; however, I would like to be as retail buyer friendly as possible. The "no stress for success" thought.  lol

So there you have it for today.  Now I best get to my studio and start designing these cards!



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